Bug Repellent: Automatic Mosquito Control

Autobugg keeps mosquitoes out of your backyard

AUTOBUGG: Automatically Get Rid of Mosquitoes and Ticks

Transform Your Backyard Experience. Eliminate Bugs With Your Sprinklers Today!

Firmly Rooted is proud to announce that we are the preferred vendor in New Hampshire for this technological breakthrough that provides seasonal relief for those pesky mosquitoes and other bugs that can ruin an otherwise great New Hampshire day!

If You Have An Irrigation System You Can Have An Automatic Bug Remover

Repels Mosquitoes Ticks Fleas Mites Protects Against Nesting Fungus and Mold Eliminates Grub Larvae Cedar oil is certainly not a new phenomenon. In ancient times people used cedar wood and cedar oils for various uses and rituals. We make cedar closets to protect our clothes from moths. Cigar boxes and cedar fences are made or lined with cedar to prevent bugs. We have always known about the repellent qualities of cedar oil but until recently there was no good way to apply it effectively. It is the smell of cedar that repels bugs. When it is in the air, on the plants, and in the soil, bugs will stay away. This technique requires consistent applications that would be costly and high maintenance without the aid of an irrigation system to do it for you.

Autobugg™ Cedar Systems has an innovative solution. In fact, it is a solution. The AutoBugg Irrigation Injection Unit works in conjunction with a home irrigation system to repel fleas, mites, mosquitoes and ticks.

Setting up autobugg with the irrigation system

Cedar oil, also called cedarwood oil, is produced from the foliage, and sometimes the wood of trees in the pine and cedar families. This oil makes an excellent bactericide and pesticide. The AutoBugg™ system, connected to an automatic sprinkler system, creates a protective scent barrier around a home.

EPA Approved

With repetitive applications and the proper coverage, the AutoBugg™ Injection system provides a safe, all-natural way to rid a property of these annoying, not to say potentially dangerous insects.

All of our cedar oil is obtained using environmentally safe practices.

We are very excited to offer this natural and safe anti-mosquito system that hooks up right to the irrigation system you already have installed! Talk to us about installing Autobugg Cedar Systems today!

Autobugg Cedar Systems

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