Outdoor Living: Backyard Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens are Ideal for New Hampshire Summer Evening Entertaining

Cook Where You Dine: In the Backyard

Outdoor Built-In Grill

Backyard patio kitchens are the ideal place for social recreation with friends and family. During New Hampshire summers, it’s common to experience cool evening hours that follow a steamy afternoon. Outdoor kitchens are the perfect place to enjoy these ideal weather conditions. 

Outdoor Kitchen Built in Grill on Patio

The Components of an Outdoor Kitchen

Built-in Outdoor Kitchen Smoker

Grills and Smokers

An outdoor kitchen gives you your kitchen’s conveniences while grilling, smoking or warming food. For cooking, add a built-in grill. For really delicious food add a smoker too. There are several kinds of side burners: conventional, power and searing stations.

Outdoor kitchen grill and smoker

Grill Islands and Pizza Ovens

A BBQ Island includes a gas burner, side burner, refrigerator. Add a warming drawer or separate food warmer. Built-in pizza ovens use natural gas or wood fire for cooking pizza and any food you would cook in an indoor oven.

Pizza oven in bbq grill island

Refrigerators and Freezers

Refrigeration you can have a fridge for liquor and another for food. Add a compact fridge, a beverage cooler, a wine cooler, an ice maker and a compact freezer.

Outdoor refrigerator

Beer Taps

Kegerators and Keg Taps keep beer cold and on tap. They have one or two taps and are sized for sixth, quarter, half or full size kegs.

Outdoor Kitchen Beer Tap
Grill and Beer Tap

Beverage Centers and Outdoor Water

Basics start with an outdoor kitchen sink or utility sink. A beverage center offers an insulated ice box to keep bottles cold. A beverage speed rail allows you to store bottles that don’t need deep chilling in front of the beverage center. A blender station is a built in blender on a stainless steel base that has a hood to protect it when not in use.

Outdoor grill and sink with bar and seats
Outdoor kitchen sink and drink prep
Outdoor kitchen beverage station

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Pizza oven and bar