4 Beautiful Ways to Light Your Outdoors

NH Outdoor Lighting

Have you ever really stood back and appreciated your yard?

Beautiful lawn and home lighting, Weare NH

You’re making something that’s beautiful during the day.

But it’s invisible at night.

Outdoor landscape lighting adds both safety and beauty to your home.

Lights give you a nice atmosphere for hanging out with the family and guests.

Lights give you safety when walking, and they deter intruders.

You can light up everything outside, including the home, walking paths, the driveway, trees, water features, and the patio.

With landscape lighting, you have a new world after dark.

Stay outside longer after dinner.

Enjoy the waterfall at night.

Appreciate the beautiful piece of New Hampshire you have in your yard.


Outdoor landscaper lighting for the waterfall

If you have a fountain, pond, or waterfall, you know how calming and peaceful the water can be.

You can hear the water at night, but you can’t really see it.

With the right lighting, you can have beautiful water features at night.

You can see the water moving.

You can watch the koi swimming.

And you can light up the fountain in beautiful colors.


Spotlight on a tree

DIY tree lighters usually use only bottom lights.

Did you know that you can light trees from the top as well?

To avoid dark spots and glare, use the correct angles, and overlap the illumination areas.

Trees with darker leaves require brighter lights.

If you have a many trees, it’s important to choose the right ones to light, so everything stays in proportion.


Patio Lighting: Light the pergola, stay out later

We have such nice summer evenings in New Hampshire.

By lighting the patio perimeter, you create a special space to enjoy the evening air.

You can keep the lights subtle around the table, but give the grill master a bright light for cooking.

For safety, light the walkways and steps, too.

Wall lights help to define the patio edges.

Some wall lights are so attractive that they’re part of the patio’s decoration.

Both lantern and wall lights come in beautiful designs.


Outdoor Home lights for safety and security

Intruders look for your home’s dark areas.

This is where they hide while breaking in.

Dark areas give them a place where neighbors won’t see them.

Lighting up the house isn’t just a way to show off your home.

It’s also a fantastic way to increase your home’s safety.

Path and driveway lights make your home safe to walk around at night.

Spotlights take away the the hiding areas that thieves like.

Why Hire

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Outdoor Lighting Project?

Pool and cabana lighting for New Hampshire

We base our lighting designs on your goals.

We are experts are designing patio, landscape, and water feature lighting.

We know the right lighting methods to show off your home, while avoiding shadows and glare.

We can help you scale up your lighting project over time.

We are a local company using the same staff every day.

We are always respectful of our customer’s need for a safe and clean job site.

We will help you decide which types of lights to get, and where to put them.

Outdoor Lighting Idea Book

We gathered this picture book to help you think about how you’d like to light your home.

This is just a small idea of the hundreds of ways to use lights in your yard.

We are always available for consultation, and quotes are always free.

To discuss your lighting, or any other landscaping project,

Call Chris at (603) 529-5640.

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Before you hire anyone to work on your yard, get good references.

We’re proud of our reputation because we’re a family business with roots in the Weare, Bedford, Goffstown and Manchester areas.

We’ve worked on hundreds of lawns throughout New Hampshire.

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