Bug Repellent: Automatic Mosquito Control

The Step-by-Step Guide to Preventing Lyme Disease in New Hampshire

What is Lyme Disease (and What is it Doing in My Yard)?

Deer Ticks live in the grass.

Ticks bite and burrow, transferring their Lyme Disease bacteria to you, your family and your pets.

What are Lyme Disease Symptoms?

Lyme Disease symptoms include:

  • joint pain
  • swelling
  • meningitis (brain membrane swelling)
  • Bell’s Palsy (temporarily face paralysis on the right side)
  • muscle weakness

Where is Lyme Disease Transmitted?

Dear ticks live in grassy areas and wooded areas, where they jump onto their victims.

How Can I Prevent Lyme Disease

Stay inside.

But … what’s the point of having a beautiful New Hampshire back yard if you never use it?

What is the BEST Lyme Disease Prevention?

The BEST Lyme Disease solution is the one that

  • repels ticks
  • is safe for humans and pets
  • is automatic

Just buy the cedar oil

Put it in a sprayer

And dispense it onto your lawn …

every … single … day.

You have time for that. Right?

Or, Get AUTOBUGG, the AutomaticIrrigation System Tick Repellent System


AUTOBUGG: The Attractive, Automatic and Safe Lyme Disease Prevention System

AUTOBUGG is a cedar oil irrigation injection system. Every time your irrigation system runs, AUTOBUGG sprays completely safe cedar oil onto your lawn, adding layer after layer of tick-repelling cedar oil goodness.

AUTOBUGG is the BEST Lyme Disease prevention solution because it:


How Can I Get the AUTOBUGG Tick Repellent System?

Chris Champagne and Firmly Rooted Landscaping are AUTOBUGG’S EXCLUSIVE NEW HAMPSHIRE irrigation specialists.Firmly Rooted Landscaping will add AUTOBUGG to your existing irrigation, and install new irrigation systems with AUTOBUGG ready to go the first time the automatic timer turns on the water.

CALL CHRIS Call (603) 529-6400

Call (603) 529-6400

Autobugg keeps mosquitoes out of your backyard

AUTOBUGG: Automatically Get Rid of Mosquitoes and Ticks

Transform Your Backyard Experience. Eliminate Bugs With Your Sprinklers Today!Firmly Rooted is proud to announce that we are the preferred vendor in New Hampshire for this technological breakthrough that provides seasonal relief for those pesky mosquitoes and other bugs that can ruin an otherwise great New Hampshire day!

If You Have An Irrigation System You Can Have An Automatic Bug Remover

Repels Mosquitoes Ticks Fleas Mites Protects Against Nesting Fungus and Mold Eliminates Grub Larvae Cedar oil is certainly not a new phenomenon.Autobugg™ Cedar Systemshas an innovative solution. In fact, itisa solution. The AutoBugg Irrigation Injection Unit worksin conjunction with a home irrigation system torepel fleas, mites, mosquitoes and ticks.Setting up autobugg with the irrigation systemCedar oil, also called cedarwood oil, is produced from the foliage, and sometimes the wood of trees in the pine and cedar families. This oil makes an excellent bactericide and pesticide. The AutoBugg™ system, connected to an automatic sprinkler system, creates a protective scent barrier around a home.

With repetitive applications and the proper coverage, the AutoBugg™ Injection system provides a safe, all-natural way to rid a property of these annoying, not to say potentially dangerous insects.All of our cedar oil is obtained using environmentally safe practices.We are very excited to offer this natural and safe anti-mosquito system that hooks up right to the irrigation system you already have installed!Talk to us about installing Autobugg Cedar Systems today!Autobugg Cedar SystemsCall (603) 529-5640 for an AUTOBUGG consultation today.

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