Why Pavers?

The Best Driveways, Walkways and Patios

Pavers are strong and durable

Pavers are strong and durable

Paver patios, walkways and driveways are particularly great investment in New Hampshire. Pavers easily handle our freeze-thaw cycle. Paver patios are beautiful. Properly installed they last for years and years. Pavers add both form and function to hard yard surfaces.

We are ICPI Certified Paver Builders

Unilock Authorized Contractor

Unilock Authorized Contractor

Belgard Authorized Contractor

Belgard Authorized Contractor

Certified Paver Installers

Certified Paver Installers

ICPI is the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute. ICPI Certification is the industry’s way of acknowledging the many hours of education and experience we have at Firmly Rooted Landscaping.

We are thoroughly educated and experienced in paver installation best practices.

Our ICPI certification means you can count on us to obtain top-notch materials and to create sturdy, long-lasting installations.

You can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are using a durable building material that will last a long time installed by educated and experienced paver contractors.

Why Are Pavers Such Great Building Blocks for Patios, Driveways and Walkways?

Curved walkway with leaf pattern (Cambridge)

Curved walkway with leaf pattern (Cambridge)

Some of the benefits of pavers include:

Lower Cost of Ownership: Paver projects have a lower total cost of ownership than similar concrete projects. They do cost a little more up front but they last longer with much less maintenance than concrete.

Long Lifetime: Pavers stand up to harsh weather without costly repairs. The average paver patio lasts 30 years. Unlike concrete, pavers projects are segmented, so even when there is an issue it means replacing a tile or two: no jackhammers required.

Driveway pavers with brick border

Driveway pavers with brick border

Incredible Durability: Pavers are much sturdier than most other patio, driveway and walkway materials. The average paver can withstand loads four times heavier than poured concrete. This is ideal if you plan to set up an outdoor dining space on your patio, especially if you have a grill. In the winter, you may want to use your patio for temporary storage, which also requires a high level of durability.

Paver steps are incredibly durable

Paver steps are incredibly durable

Pavers are seriously weather-resistant: New Hampshire receives nearly 20% more precipitation than the national average, which causes many types of natural stone and concrete to fade, corrode, and crack over time. Weather changes cause asphalt driveways to heave and break apart. Therefore, local residents should only use yard surface materials that can withstand excessive rain and snow. The pavers that we use at Firmly Rooted Landscaping are made from corrosion-resistant materials, so you don’t have to worry that your investment will deteriorate with harsh weather.

Driveway: Niclock Gray Paver Driveway

This is a Nicklock Gray paver driveway

Pavers have beautiful aesthetics: Poured concrete is functional, but it’s not exactly pretty. You will have your patio, driveway and walkways for a long time, so it’s important to make sure you’ll enjoy looking at them. Paver surfaces add to property values. Do you want your outdoor space to be functional, or do you want it to be functional, gorgeous and inviting? Our pavers come in a wide range of tones and colors. We can even help you choose the one that best complements your property!

Pavers are beautiful

Pavers are beautiful

Pavers require minimal maintenance: Pavers require very little maintenance. Any outdoor surface will require a yearly cleanup with a hose or power washer. Even pavers aren’t self-cleaning. But you won’t need to do much work to keep your patio, walkway or driveway looking nice. In other words, you can just focus on enjoying your outdoor space!

Firmly Rooted Landscaping Builds Paver Patios, Walkways and Driveways in New Hampshire

Paver patios are perfect for New Hampshire homeowners and businesses. Start enhancing your outdoor space today!

Call us at 603-529-5640.

Firmly Rooted Landscaping serves the towns of Bedford, Bow, Concord, Dunbarton, Goffstown, Henniker, Hopkinton, Manchester, New Boston, and Weare. Depending on the project size, our service area will expand to make your project possible!

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4 Beautiful Ways to Light Your Outdoors

NH Outdoor Lighting

Have you ever really stood back and appreciated your yard?

Beautiful lawn and home lighting, Weare NH

You’re making something that’s beautiful during the day.

But it’s invisible at night.

Outdoor landscape lighting adds both safety and beauty to your home.

Lights give you a nice atmosphere for hanging out with the family and guests.

Lights give you safety when walking, and they deter intruders.

You can light up everything outside, including the home, walking paths, the driveway, trees, water features, and the patio.

With landscape lighting, you have a new world after dark.

Stay outside longer after dinner.

Enjoy the waterfall at night.

Appreciate the beautiful piece of New Hampshire you have in your yard.


Outdoor landscaper lighting for the waterfall

If you have a fountain, pond, or waterfall, you know how calming and peaceful the water can be.

You can hear the water at night, but you can’t really see it.

With the right lighting, you can have beautiful water features at night.

You can see the water moving.

You can watch the koi swimming.

And you can light up the fountain in beautiful colors.


Spotlight on a tree

DIY tree lighters usually use only bottom lights.

Did you know that you can light trees from the top as well?

To avoid dark spots and glare, use the correct angles, and overlap the illumination areas.

Trees with darker leaves require brighter lights.

If you have a many trees, it’s important to choose the right ones to light, so everything stays in proportion.


Patio Lighting: Light the pergola, stay out later

We have such nice summer evenings in New Hampshire.

By lighting the patio perimeter, you create a special space to enjoy the evening air.

You can keep the lights subtle around the table, but give the grill master a bright light for cooking.

For safety, light the walkways and steps, too.

Wall lights help to define the patio edges.

Some wall lights are so attractive that they’re part of the patio’s decoration.

Both lantern and wall lights come in beautiful designs.


Outdoor Home lights for safety and security

Intruders look for your home’s dark areas.

This is where they hide while breaking in.

Dark areas give them a place where neighbors won’t see them.

Lighting up the house isn’t just a way to show off your home.

It’s also a fantastic way to increase your home’s safety.

Path and driveway lights make your home safe to walk around at night.

Spotlights take away the the hiding areas that thieves like.

Why Hire

Firmly Rooted for Your

Outdoor Lighting Project?

Pool and cabana lighting for New Hampshire

We base our lighting designs on your goals.

We are experts are designing patio, landscape, and water feature lighting.

We know the right lighting methods to show off your home, while avoiding shadows and glare.

We can help you scale up your lighting project over time.

We are a local company using the same staff every day.

We are always respectful of our customer’s need for a safe and clean job site.

We will help you decide which types of lights to get, and where to put them.

Outdoor Lighting Idea Book

We gathered this picture book to help you think about how you’d like to light your home.

This is just a small idea of the hundreds of ways to use lights in your yard.

We are always available for consultation, and quotes are always free.

To discuss your lighting, or any other landscaping project,

Call Chris at (603) 529-5640.

Or click here to email us on our web site.

Ask for References

Before you hire anyone to work on your yard, get good references.

We’re proud of our reputation because we’re a family business with roots in the Weare, Bedford, Goffstown and Manchester areas.

We’ve worked on hundreds of lawns throughout New Hampshire.

Chris Champagne

(603) 529-5640

Outdoor Steps Ideas for New Hampshire Homes

Outdoor Steps Ideas

Outdoors steps come in granite, bluestone, fieldstone, and slate.

We help you find the best solution for hilly spaces.

Using outdoor steps and retaining walls, we can transform your yard from a hill that no one uses to a true living space.

We’ve collected some outdoor step ideas for you to think about.

We can also show you some Belgard and Unilock catalogs for more slope solutions.


We can help you visualize your yard solutions.

For free discussions and estimates, contact us at (603) 529-5640.

Or leave us a message.


The Friendly Staff at Firmly Rooted Landscaping, Weare, NH

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Visit Us at New Hampshire Home Show March 2-4 2018

Hello from Firmly Rooted Landscaping in Weare and Goffstown!

Invitation Below:
Call Chris Champagne at
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to Arrange an Interview!

These pictures are just to remind you that it won’t be winter forever.

Fire Pit at the Lake


Patio lake

Summer is Around the Corner!


Firmly Rooted Landscaping (Weare and Goffstown NH)
is proud to announce that we are
New Hampshire’s exclusive AUTOBUGG vendor and installer!

AUTOBUGG is the technological breakthrough
that provides seasonal relief from those pesky mosquitoes
and other bugs that can ruin an otherwise
great New Hampshire day!

Repel Fleas, Mites, Mosquitoes and Ticks from Yard



Using Your Home’s Irrigation System

Repel Mosquitoes

Visit Our Booth (South Booth 1508) at the

New Hampshire Home Show!

March 2-4, 2018
Radisson Hotel
700 Elm St. Manchester

Firmly Rooted owner Chris Champagne is available for interviews!

Call Chris at (603) 529-5640

Ask Chris About the AutoBugg AUTOMATIC Mosquito Repellent System!

Visit us at The Home Show March 2-4 2018
Call Chris at (603) 529-5640
to learn more about

Cedar Oil Repels Mosquitoes

It won’t be winter forever!
See you at The Home Show!
Call Chris to arrange an interview to learn more about New Hampshire’s newest exclusive mosquito remedy!
(603) 529-5640

Summer by the lake

rudbeckia summer flower

Firmly Rooted owner Chris Champagne is available for interviews!

Call Chris at (603) 529-5640

Ask Chris About the AutoBugg AUTOMATIC Mosquito Repellent System!

Lawn Care

Lawn Mowing, Seeding, Aeration and Fertilization

Beautiful lawn
Our lawn care team serves New Hampshire communities with over 15 years of experience. Based in Weare, NH, Firmly Rooted Landscaping offers professional lawn care for the Manchester and Concord areas. We provide lawn mowing, trimming, and pruning as part of our most basic lawn care services. Our well-rounded experts also perform hydro-seeding and sodding to give residential and commercial properties professional lawn installation.

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More NH Landscaping Services

Landscape Development

How Quality Landscape Development Makes a Difference

Landscape development is a detailed process comprised of many different facets, including planning, design and construction. For New Hampshire commercial and residential property owners, working with a team that can do it all is the best way to see your project successfully through all phases.

If the planning and design process have been completed properly, with everything from weather conditions and budgets accounted for, the development process is easy, though labor intensive. Contract with us and we’ll use our expertise in hardscaping and softscaping, horticulture and lawn services, patio and walkway building, as well as outdoor lighting, water features, and many other services to transform your vision into a reality.

With development comes maintenance. Schedule our team for regular lawn care services such as irrigation and seasonal cleanups, mowing, trimming, pruning and much more. Don’t worry about contracting several different companies. We’ve got you covered.

Get A Head Start On The Season. Call Today!

We are landscape contractors who service the  New Hampshire communities of Bedford, Concord, Dunbarton, Goffstown, Henniker, Hopkinton, Manchester, New Boston and Weare, get started today by calling (603) 529-5640!

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Water Features


Irrigation: Fall/Winter Shutdown Service

Fall / Winter Sprinkler Blowout Services For Commercial & Residential Irrigation Systems

A sprinkler blowout is necessary in the fall so that your irrigation system does not get ruined by winter’s harsh temperatures. The last thing that you want is your sprinkler system’s pipes cracking. This does not make for a pleasant surprise once spring rolls around. Even if you think that you have drained your sprinkler system, there can still be water left in the pipes that will be susceptible to freezing in winter. That’s why it is important to have a professional do the job for you. At Firmly Rooted, we have years of experience winterizing both commercial and residential irrigation systems.

It is important to winterize your irrigation sprinkler system by getting a blow out every fall

Blowing out a sprinkler system can actually be dangerous, which is why it is best to have an expert perform this service. An air compressor is used that utilizes great strength that can be harmful to various body parts, especially the eyes. The process includes shutting off both the water supply and the system’s backflow valves. Once the compressor is hooked up, air must be slowly released into the sprinkler system.

The Order of Operations Matters

There is also a specific order in which you should blow out the system, zone by zone, which varies on a case-by-case basis. It is also important that you do not continue to pump air into the system after it is dry, as that can cause heat damage. Furthermore, it is also imperative that all valves are not shut off at once while the air compressor is still running, as this can damage the entire system.

We are Irrigation Experts

At Firmly Rooted, our expert landscapers know how to blow out a sprinkler system properly. We can ensure that your irrigation pipes will not freeze this winter. Don’t jeopardize the investment you’ve already made in your sprinkler system by not winterizing it before the first freeze. If your irrigation system freezes, it will be a big expense and a big inconvenience to dig up your whole yard in order to get it fixed. Contact us today for your fall blow out and rest assured that you’ll be ready to water your lawn come spring!

Contact Your NH Irrigation Contractor

For sprinkler blowout services in New Hampshire, end your search here! We are a full service landscaping company with expert irrigation installers. We service a number of towns in NH including, but not limited to, the areas of Bedford, Bow, Concord, Dunbarton, Goffstown, Henniker, Hopkinton, Manchester, New Boston, and Weare. Firmly Rooted | 603-529-5640

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More New Hampshire Irrigation Services

Irrigation: Spring Sprinkler Startup Services for NH Homes and Businesses

When you startup your sprinkler system in the spring, you must be aware of any potential damage the system may have endured during the harsh winter months. Improper startup can cause costly damage to your irrigation system. That’s why you should always have the experts at Firmly Rooted ensure that your system is good to go before you start it up each spring.

Protect Your Irrigation Pipes from the New Hampshire Cold

Snow and ice can have adverse effects on your sprinkler system, as winter always poses the potential threat of leaks or damage to various parts of your irrigation system. There are many different aspects of the system that could be damaged—such as lines, valves, backflows, and heads. If you start up your irrigation system without checking these first, you could cause further damage.

Take Care of the Small Issues So They Don’t Get Bigger

At Firmly Rooted, we take all of the steps necessary to ensure that your irrigation system is safe to turn on come spring. We test water pressure, flow, and direction and also make sure that each zone is operating properly and reaching the needed components of your landscape. We will even adjust the sprinkler heads for optimal coverage.

Check the Timer, Sensor and Batteries

There are other elements of your sprinkler system that are important to check too. These include the timer and rain sensor, which might also need battery replacements. We will make sure that every component of your irrigation system is ready before you turn it on for the season!

For your sprinkler system startup, Firmly Rooted has got you covered! We are a full service landscaping company with expert irrigation installers. We service a number of towns in NH including, but not limited to, the areas of Bedford, Bow, Concord, Dunbarton, Goffstown, Henniker, Hopkinton, Manchester, New Boston, and Weare. 603-529-5640

Conversations and Quotes are Always Free

More New Hampshire Irrigation Services

Irrigation Installation for NH Homes and Businesses

Irrigation Installation For NH Properties, Handled By Our Lawn Care Experts

With the installation of a sprinkler system, you never have to worry about watering your lawn and softscapes again

Looking for irrigation installation services in New Hampshire? At Firmly Rooted, we are experts when it comes to installing new sprinkler systems. This is not the kind of project that you want to do on your own. From designing the best layout for your property, to digging trenches, laying piping, and hooking up the water line—irrigation installation can be a tricky process. No worries though, because we are here to serve you!

Irrigation System Design Tailored To Your Property

New Hampshire has very different types of landscapes. The design of your irrigation system is largely dependent upon your yard’s size and terrain. A good irrigation design ensures that the sprinkler heads reach all of the landscape elements that need to get watered. At Firmly Rooted, we can design a system that works for your yard’s unique features.

Installation Carefully Managed By Our Experts

Once the design of your system is decided upon, we hook up the water supply and start digging. We also begin laying out the piping and assembling parts before we begin installing the different components. It’s important to follow a pattern of laying each sprinkler one by one before actually connecting the various parts of the system together.

Once the piping is assembled, we manually flush out each part of the system to ensure that every piece is working properly. Once that is verified, we can move on to attaching the sprinkler heads. To finish up the installation, we connect the sprinkler valves to a timer, test each zone individually, adjust the direction and power of the spray, and make sure everything is working great! Then, we can fill back in those trenches, and your irrigation system is ready to be used!

A sprinkler system lets you never worry about watering again!

Need irrigation installation services in New Hampshire? Your search ends here! We are a full service landscaping company with expert sprinkler system installers. We service a number of towns in NH, including, but not limited to, the areas of Bedford, Bow, Concord, Dunbarton, Goffstown, Henniker, Hopkinton, Manchester, New Boston, and Weare. 603-529-5640

Conversations and Quotes are Always Free

More New Hampshire Irrigation Services

Landscaping Gallery of NH Homes and Businesses

Outdoor Steps

Many of these are from our portfolio, and the rest are ideas for your next outdoor steps upgrade. We can build and install any design you see here.

Lawns, Trees, Gardens, Irrigation and the AutoBUGG Mosquito Killer

We create and maintain lawns and gardens. Ask about tree work. We install irrigation systems on automatic timers so you don’t have to think about watering your lawn. Ask about the AutoBUGG irrigation cedar mosquito repellent. It works automatically with your in-ground irrigation system.

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