Landscape Lighting


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Landscape Lighting for Patios, Homes,Walkways, Driveways and Water Features

Patio Lighting

Landscape lighting provides ambiance to any hardscape, softscape, or water feature. We can create a low light, warm atmosphere for relaxation, a brighter arrangement for parties and gatherings, or a gorgeous aesthetic that highlights selected features of your landscape.

Water Lighting

Waterfall river and lighting

Water landscaping lighting is really beautiful with fountains and in koi ponds. Not only makes the water prettier but makes it safer too. Always be careful when doing a DIY water lighting project: only certain lights are safe with water applications. Lights can be fully submerged and placed across water features. Beautify the stream, waterfall, pond and pool at night with underwater lighting.

Deck, Gazebo and Steps Lighting

Lighting Back Patio Steps

Deck and step lights are essential for evening backyard enjoyment. The light prevents trips and falls while highlighting structural features. There are literally hundreds of deck and step lighting styles. They should be installed by handrails and stairs. Light both the gazebo and the path from the house to the gazebo. Always be careful when doing a DIY landscape lighting project as only certain lights are safe outdoors. Firmly Rooted Landscaping will help you design dramatic and safe lighting for your outdoor steps, decks, gazebos and paths.

Deck and step lighting

Path, Walkway and Driveways Lights

Driveway, pillar and house lighting

Solar outdoor spotlight

Path, door and garden lighting

Path lighting is essential for safety but can also really beautiful your nighttime landscaping. Downward beams create well-lit paths and upward beams add drama to the home. Light paths, walkways, driveways and steps leading into the home. If you have a weeping willow an upward beam from the path to the tree can be stunning. Use ground or post lamps to light all of the darker areas.

Path lighting

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