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We Build Patios for New Hampshire Homes and Businesses

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New Hampshire Patio Landscaper

Backyard patio with firepit in a circular benched area with plants and walkway

Our central New Hampshire patio building staff has served residential and commercial clients for nearly a decade. Because Firmly Rooted Landscaping carefully analyzes the latest design and build processes, you will get an outdoor patio that’s functional and attractive.

We Design Patios for New Hampshire’s Freeze-Thaw Cycle

New Hampshire Winters

New Hampshire patio design must account for our below freezing temperatures that can cause buckling and heaving. We place an incredibly hard bedding under the patio, tamped down with professional equipment and leveled to an exact standard.

New England’s varied weather patterns test outdoor patios on a frequent basis. That’s why patio installation for the NH region involves a design and build process that requires close attention. A 8 inch trench and a level surface are part of preventing buckling and water pooling.

We Fix DIY Patios

We fix patio failures

We probably get as many calls for help fixing abandoned do-it-yourself patio projects as we do for new patio jobs. Homeowners often tackle this as a do it yourself project, but final results are often mixed. Examples of poor patio installation include buckling and sprouting vegetation. These issues can result from uneven ground surfaces or poor drainage design.

We Design Patios with Enough Space

It’s important to define the patio space as well as obstacles like underground wires and overhead utility lines. Careful scouting will identify objects you may have to work around and to scope out potential drainage options. If you’re looking for professional patio installation, Firmly Rooted Landscaping is your answer. We carry the experience, tasks, and resources needed to ensure a lasting patio.

Patio Material Types

Pavers are the strongest and most durable patio material. But many natural materials are very competitive in this space, and they certainly are beautiful. We build New Hampshire patios in bluestone, bricks, fieldstone, flagstone and granite as well as concrete pavers.

Flagstone Patio

Granite Patio

Bluestone Patio

Slate Patio

Concrete Paver Patios

Firmly Rooted Landscaping Concrete Patio

Concrete pavers are perfect for New Hampshire homes.  Paver patios are excellent at limiting unwanted plant and weed growth. They’re specifically designed to easily withstand the New Hampshire freeze-thaw cycle. Installation on dry soil is essential to keeping plants out of the joints.

Lifetime Warranty on Belgard and Unilock Paver Patios

Firmly Rooted Landsaping offers an outstanding warranty package that will extend your patio’s life for years to come. If we’re building a paver patio that includes Belgard and Unilock paver products, a lifetime warranty is included. We stand by our workmanship and our customer-friendly warranty demonstrates our commitment to satisfaction.

We Build NH Patios, Both Large and Small

We build both small and large brick patios. Critical patio design factors we keep in mind when designing your patio include:

Patio Drainage Issues

Permeable paver patio red subterra stone

For wet areas we can use permeable pavers which are much more than just pavers with holes! A whole drainage system under the patio allows rain water to cleanly percolate back into the water table.

Get a Paver or Natural Stone Patio

Unlike a wooden deck, backyard paver and natural stone patios are virtually maintenance-free. They blend with existing vegetation and are just naturally beautiful. We keep our customers informed during design and construction, and give you the guidance you need to create the perfect backyard space for your property.

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