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Koi Ponds, Water Falls, and Fountains Design and Installation

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New Hampshire water features blend beautifully into our green and woody backyards.  Ponds, waterfalls and fountains make your backyard feel like a beautifully laid out park. Peaceful, serene and natural. We’ve built many New Hampshire water features, so we know the topography, grading, filter and pump requirements for any size installation. We will help you to plan a beautiful aquascape including multi-level waterfalls, pounds with fountains and koi ponds.

We design and install a wide range of water features including Koi ponds, water gardens, waterfalls, and pond-less water features such as sprinklers, streams, and waterfalls that utilize recirculated water.

Waterfall and pond in backyard

Koi Ponds

Having a koi pond on your property brings movement and color to your water garden. The bright oranges and whites swimming serenely in a pond is an idyllic scene. You might think that New England is too cold of a climate for koi pond, but there are many beautiful koi ponds in our area. If you know how to winterize your pond, your koi can survive the rigors of winter handily and be ready for spring (like the rest of us).  In Japanese, “koi” means both “carp” and “love.” So bring some love to your backyard with a serene koi garden.
Backyard rock waterfall
Waterfall and pond in backyard

Backyard Waterfalls

Rock waterfall in backyard
Waterfalls combine the beauty of running water, water mist, rocks, fresh air and motion. Built with layered rocks, boulders (or both), the backyard waterfall brings a peaceful calm over any New Hampshire backyard. The waterfall can flow down multiple levels or just flow over a boulder and into a pond.
Honed round stone fountain
Waterfall river and lighting

Backyard Streams and Rivers

Backyard River
Backyard Stream

Moving water is one of the most calming sounds in nature. Water running over rocks is relaxing and cooling. A backyard stream calms the spirit and mind. It’s really fun to let the water rush over your feet. We build backyard streams throughout New Hampshire. Let us show you some ideas for your backyard stream.

Backyard Fountains

Simple backyard fountain
Spherical zen water fountain

The easiest way to get the lovely sound of running water in your backyard paradise is to add a fountain. The fountains pump and water systems are simple and relatively inexpensive compared to pricing other water features. You still get the lovely cool spray and the occasional rainbow, but the installation is faster. Many people start with fountains and move their way up to streams, waterfalls and ponds as time goes on.

Zen frog fountain
French Water Fountain

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