Retaining Walls for NH Properties

Let our experts handle the installation of a beautiful and functional retaining wall at your home.

Stone retaining walls are excellent additions to New Hampshire homes because many properties in the state are not built on flat land. If your home is built on uneven terrain, you may be in danger of encountering soil erosion, patio damage, and a number of other problems down the road. Fortunately, these issues can be mitigated with the installation of a stone retaining wall. A retaining wall supports soil on uneven ground, which in turn provides stability to your yard.

Retaining walls that are made of natural stone, such as sandstone, granite, or limestone, also add an elegant appeal to your property. That’s why so many people prefer to build retaining walls with stone rather than concrete. You may be wondering whether or not your property needs a retaining wall. As a rule of thumb, if your yard has an incline of 30 degrees or more, then you may encounter a variety of problems down the road, such as:

  • Flooding
  • Erosion caused by rain and melting snow
  • Sinkholes in your yard
  • Difficulty building new fixtures on your property

These risks are especially high in the hilly and mountainous terrains of New Hampshire. Since this kind of damage can be nearly impossible to repair later on, it is important to take preventative measures now. With the installation of a stone retaining wall, you can preserve your yard’s beauty and functionality for many years to come.

Our stone retaining wall designs have earned us an impeccable reputation among New Hampshire property owners. At Firmly Rooted Landscaping, our commitment to excellence makes us widely respected. Our landscapers have handled the installation of stone retaining walls for over fifteen years. If you want a retaining wall that is designed for stability, longevity, and aesthetics, then call us today at (603) 529-5640!