Garden & Retaining Walls

We specialize in carefully crafting strong structures designed to offer extra support, while expanding usable, level outdoor areas. For clients looking to highlight the architectural design of their yard, we can help create a garden wall.
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Our Concrete Paver Installer Certifications

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Paver Garden and Retaining Walls by Firmly Rooted
Paver Garden and Retaining Walls by Firmly Rooted
Paver Garden and Retaining Walls by Firmly Rooted

Paver Retaining Walls

Our crew has nearly two decades of experience, so we understand a retaining wall is a feature worth integrating. In addition to providing necessary structural support to large masses of soil, a carefully designed retaining wall can be a focal point outdoor living space. Retaining walls also have a number of other benefits that can help transform your yard into a functional and aesthetically pleasing landscape.

A retaining wall aids to keep soil in place. This mostly applies to landscapes with hills where these walls act as a needed barrier to prevent the soil from a downhill landslide.

Erosion can be found in any landscape, whether it is due to wind or water. This makes retaining walls all the more important, especially if your landscape does not feature a lot of trees and shrubs to hold the soil in place

By creating a sequence of retaining walls, you can create more functional space to your landscape.

Retaining walls are bold and attractive structures, adding height and depth to any landscape.

Paver Garden Walls

Instantly add character, style, and functionality to your backyard with a beautiful stone fire pit.


Flowerbeds are probably the most common settings for garden walls. The shape, contour and design options are LIMITLESS.


Whether you desire a simple flowerbed garden or one with vegetables and herbs, we can help create a garden you’ll love. Take it “up” another level… and consider a raised garden.


Trees & Greenery
Trees and greenery contained within a garden wall provide a clean precise touch. A garden wall may conceal an uneven ground level or roots around the trunk of a tree or other bushes.

Looking to add a beautiful visual enhancement to your outdoor living?

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What Our Customer Are Saying

We recently had some excavation work done, including the building of a boulder retaining wall. We also had a new walkway put in. We had a pleasant experience all the way around & everything looks great. It's been a pleasure to work with Chris. His employee, Bruce is exceptionally diligent & will work, no matter what the weather! I would highly recommend them.

Firmly Rooted did an amazing job on my retaining wall! The guys who did the job were efficient, professional and very personable to work with. I found Chris to be extremely responsive to all my emails and also very professional. The finished product was better than I could have imagined and cost wise it was extremely reasonable. I would highly recommend them!

Great working with this company! On time and very professional. We were very happy with the outcome. We had some shrubs die this winter that needed to be replaced. Will not ever hesitate to use them again. Thanks Chris!

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