Paver Driveways & Walkways

Paver driveways and walkways are particularly great investment in New Hampshire, as they easily withstand our freeze-thaw cycle. Paver’s combine strength, continuing abrasion resistance, and flexibility to deliver highly durable and crack-proof pavement. The color, shape, pattern, and visual texture of our pavers add charm, vitality, and ambiance to any landscape setting.

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Our Concrete Paver Installer Certifications

Cambridge Pavers Contractors
Authorized Belgard Contractor
ICPI Certified Concrete Paver Installer
Paver Driveway by Firmly Rooted
Paver Walkway by Firmly Rooted
Paver Walkway by Firmly Rooted

Paver Driveways

Driveway pavers not only add elegance to your property, but they are also much more durable than asphalt! At Firmly Rooted, we are experts when it comes to a variety of paver projects.


Let us design a paver driveway that will compliment your New Hampshire home so that you can greet visitors with a gorgeous stone driveway that matches the architecture of your home in style and color.


So many people opt for driveway pavers because they are designed to hold heavy weight without cracking.

Paver Walkways

A paver walkway might be exactly what your NH property needs to boost its aesthetic appeal. Pavers come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Pavers can be arranged in a variety of patterns.


Walkways designed with pavers can easily be customized to fit your desired style for your landscape. You can choose from a huge array of design options allowing for lots of creative expression. All while installing a functional, durable pathway that stands up to New Hampshire’s varied weather.


Each surface comes with a two-year warranty. As for paver walkway installation, we offer a lifetime warranty when using Belgard and Cambridge paver products.

Thinking about using Pavers for your next project?

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What Our Customer Are Saying

We recently had some excavation work done, including the building of a boulder retaining wall. We also had a new walkway put in. We had a pleasant experience all the way around & everything looks great. It's been a pleasure to work with Chris. His employee, Bruce is exceptionally diligent & will work, no matter what the weather! I would highly recommend them.

Firmly Rooted did an amazing job on my retaining wall! The guys who did the job were efficient, professional and very personable to work with. I found Chris to be extremely responsive to all my emails and also very professional. The finished product was better than I could have imagined and cost wise it was extremely reasonable. I would highly recommend them!

Great working with this company! On time and very professional. We were very happy with the outcome. We had some shrubs die this winter that needed to be replaced. Will not ever hesitate to use them again. Thanks Chris!

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