Seasonal Yard Clean-Up

Spring and Fall Clean-Up services are essential in preparing yards for the upcoming season. When Spring arrives, our team will focus on removing leftovers from winter. This will allow oxygen and nutrients to flow freely and help establish a healthy foundation for your lawn for the upcoming season. In the fall, the crew focuses on winterizing by removing the upper layer of debris that blocks sunlight and encourages mold growth, which is setting the lawn setting up for success for the next growth cycle. We also offer additional services such as: de-thatching, aeration, & seasonal planting.

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We Offer Seasonal & Monlthy Contracts

With a seasonal or by storm, we’ll take care of your outdoor space throughout the year no matter the season. Choose from our offerings and pay a set price all year long. 

Dethatching by Firmly Rooted


Dethatching is great add-on to Spring Clean-Up. It helps circulate air deep down into the roots and provides the necessary carbon dioxide to stimulate existing roots while encouraging new root growth.

Aeration Services by Firmly Rooted


Planting annuals in beds or pots marks the beginning of a season-long display of eye-catching flowers and plants. Our crew understands the two important factors in making the season a success: understanding how to plant annual flowers & timing. Let the beautifying begin!

Yard Debris Disposal by Firmly Rooted

Yard Debris Disposal

We will clean up your property this fall and make sure nothing is left behind. We haul all debris away with us.

Getting Ready for Spring?

We have a feeling you are just as ready for the warmer weather when entering the spring and summer. We want to make your lawn looks and feels like spring and summer right now!


Our spring lawn and landscape cleanup service can include whatever is needed for your specific lawn and landscape.


Common services we perform during a spring cleanup include shaping up shrubs, cutting back pumpus and ornamental grasses, and other perennials, along with picking up any leaves. We have even de-thatch your lawn before we wrap the service up with your 1st lawn mowing service of the season.

Importance of Leaf Cleanup

We cannot stress enough how important it really is to collect and remove fallen leaves from your lawn and landscape in the fall before the snow starts to fall. Leaf cleanup is 100% the largest aspect of our fall landscape cleanup service.


Along with removing the leaves, we will also collect any other plant debris that maybe in your lawn or landscape.


Shrubs are often pruned during this service to leave them with a uniform look all winter long and we also recommend to cutback all perennials and grasses at this time instead of waiting until the spring.

Ready for a Yard Cleanup?

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What Our Customer Are Saying

We recently had some excavation work done, including the building of a boulder retaining wall. We also had a new walkway put in. We had a pleasant experience all the way around & everything looks great. It's been a pleasure to work with Chris. His employee, Bruce is exceptionally diligent & will work, no matter what the weather! I would highly recommend them.

Firmly Rooted did an amazing job on my retaining wall! The guys who did the job were efficient, professional and very personable to work with. I found Chris to be extremely responsive to all my emails and also very professional. The finished product was better than I could have imagined and cost wise it was extremely reasonable. I would highly recommend them!

Great working with this company! On time and very professional. We were very happy with the outcome. We had some shrubs die this winter that needed to be replaced. Will not ever hesitate to use them again. Thanks Chris!


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