Day: May 7, 2021

Should I consider irrigation installation?

Irrigation Installation Services by Firmly Rooted

One of the biggest misconceptions around irrigation installation is cost. Often irrigation systems are thought of as a luxury item designed for golf courses and sprawling estates. This is simply untrue! Irrigation systems are cost-efficient, convenient and ideal for any size lawn. In fact, a home irrigation system is an excellent way to save time and money while reducing the amount of water waste. Not to mention, the impact the sprinklers will have on your lawn, trees, shrubs, flowers, and vegetables.


Let’s talk about some of the benefits of investing in an irrigation system: 

1. Environmental Benefits

Modern sprinkler systems use sophisticated moisture sensors, water gauges, and timers to ensure only the amount of water your lawn needs is delivered. Such irrigation systems are designed to NOT waste water by overwatering your lawn
Now, compare this to imprecise hand-watering, which is likely leaving you with a yard that is either over– or underwatered.


2. Financial Benefits

Not only is a well-cared-for lawn beautiful to look at, but it also benefits your wallet. Sprinkler systems are calibrated to use the right amount of water while cutting out wastefulness. This can have a significant impact on your water bill in comparison to manual watering.


Adjusting the sprinkler system’s watering schedule based on the season and time of year is another money saving feature. You can set the system to water daily during the hot summer months and reduce watering to once per week during the early months of the much cooler, damper fall weather.


Finally, installing an irrigation system can potentially add value to your property!


3. Convenience

For most people, the convenience of a sprinkler system is by far the biggest benefit.


They eliminate the exhausting task of having to hand-water your entire lawn and garden. This is huge for people who have very large yards, elderly homeowners, and those who are simply too busy to devote hours each week to watering.


Set it & forget it! Many homeowners plan their family vacations during New Hampshire’s summer months. Not having to worry about coming home to a brown, crispy lawn can put homeowner’s minds at ease.


Enjoy the Benefits of an Irrigation System

Installing an irrigation system is a game changer! With benefits ranging from financial to aesthetic and convenience. A programmable sprinkler system avoids issues of over-watering or under-watering which is common when you attempt to hand-water your lawn with a hose. Not only does this lead to a healthier, greener lawn, but it’s also cost-efficient.

Chris Champagne

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