Lawns: New Seed, Hydroseed and Sod Lawns

Lawn Mowing and Fertilizing Services

Beautiful lawn

We Offer Multiple Lawn Services Including:

  • Lawn Mowing – we cut the grass each week
  • Lawn Fertilizing – we add nutrients to the lawn to keep it healthy
  • Complete Irrigation Services – click here for more info
  • Lawn Edging – we make borders neat and straight
  • Dethatching – we unclog the lawn floor
  • Aeration – we add holes in the lawn for water and fertilizer to penetrate

Farming sod

Overseeding, Sod Turf, Hydroseeding New Lawn Services

Loading seed into overseeder hopper

We Offer Multiple Ways to Get a New Lawn or Fix an Existing One Including:

  • Aeration and Overseeding – we promote early spring lawn germination
  • Sod Turf Installation – we create a new lawn in one day from existing turf
  • Hydroseeding – we create a new lawn from spray on seeding

Setting down sod turf

New residential lawn sod being installed

Lawn Aeration

Aeration has a number of benefits for your NH lawn and should be done annually to keep your grass green and healthy. Aeration is just punching holes into your grass that allows water and other nutrients to get down to the roots of your lawn. Grass gets compacted during the year or it starts to develop a thick thatch. Thatches that are over an inch deep effectively seals your lawn from the very things that keeps it alive, like water and air. Thick layers of thatch are also breeding grounds for bugs, grubs, and grass killing diseases. Aeration is a simple way to let water, air, and nutrients get into the root system, making the roots go deeper and improving the overall health of your lawn. Fertilizing right after aeration is a good idea, fertilizer can more easily penetrate the roots and promote the good health of your grass.

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